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Tax Debt Relief Services representatives are comprised of Revenue Officers, CPA's, Enrolled Agents, Tax Consultants and Tax Account Executives. Our Mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, thorough and effective tax resolution options and implementation based on your unique situation.

Tax Relief is meant to bring "relief" to the burden of owing taxes and is done through detailed analysis of both the information from all taxing authorities and the individual financial condition of the client.

We Know the Tax Code!

We know what the IRS will accept; and what they will not. We understand how the IRS operates and what units of the IRS are handling your case and the most efficient way to deal with them; as well has the best path to take in obtaining a resolution for your issue.
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Audit Representation For You!

Have you been audited by the IRS?
Has the IRS or State requested to audit your tax returns?
Do you have representation?
Do you have someone who can fight for you?

Don't go it alone! Let Tax Attorneys, CPA's and representatives who know and understaned the IRS handle your case. Understanding the audit process is essential to knowing how to reply to the IRS in an audit and how to request an Appeal of your findings.
Every taxpayer's circumstances are different. We get some clients better results than others. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result, we have obtained great results for many people!
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Tax Relief For Individuals
  • We bring balance back into your life!
  • We know the tax code!
  • We understand how the IRS operates
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Tax Relief For Businesses
  • Corporate
  • Partnership
  • LLC & Sole Proprietor
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Getting a Bank Levy Released

First, it is very difficult to get a bank levy released. Once the IRS has it's claws on guaranteed revenue they are very reluctant to release those funds. However, they will release a levy under certain conditions and a release of levy notice (form 668-D, Release of Levy/Release of Property from Levy) must be issued to the Bank. We can help expedite this process for you, it's our specialty!

Offer In Compromise

The OIC is a detailed investigation by the IRS that should be completely investigated by a competent professional and the client PRIOR to submission. It is often referred to as a "Settlement" - however, this implies that the outcome is purely subjective. In fact, it is part subjective and part objective based on a financial investigation.
  • We know the tax rules and IRS internal procedures.
  • We know how to argue the facts, the rules, and the procedures.
  • We are known among and have gained credibility with IRS agents.
  • We have extensive IRS experience so we know how the IRS thinks.
  • We know IRS procedures.
  • We know the limits of IRS discretion.
  • When necessary, we can write a technical memorandum on the IRS rules and procedures to accompany your request for an Offer in Compromise.
  • we know why an Offer should be taken to Appeals.
  • We know the Appeals procedures.
  • We know the discretion that an Appeals Conferee has and how to present an Appeals case.