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Trying to resolve some Delinquent Tax Returns? If you have a tax debt and seek representation to help you resolve any state or federal tax audit with the IRS, we can help get a free consultation for bank levy or garnishment issues.

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Why do I need to file my returns timely?

Failure to file your yearly returns timely can result in severe penalties and interest when they are filed and can even result in criminal charges – owing taxes is NOT a crime, but failing to file yearly IS.

What happens if I fail to comply?

You need to do so because if left unfiled, the IRS will begin to prepare returns for you. As a result, you will be filed at the highest tax bracket and receive no credit for any deductions/expenses, which will result in an inflated balance due amount which the IRS will look to collect. Also, delinquent returns come with stiff penalties; the IRS will assess Failure to File, Failure to pay, and Late-Filing Penalties once the return is filed. These penalties together can total as much as 49.5% of the tax owed and also accrue interest on a daily basis.

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Tax Debt Relief services representatives are comprised of Revenue Officers, CPA's, Enrolled Agents, Tax Consultants and Tax Account Executives. Our Mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive, thorough and effective tax resolution options and implementation based on your unique situation.

Tax Relief is meant to bring "relief" to the burden of owing taxes and is done through detailed analysis of both the information from all taxing authorities and the individual financial condition of the client.

We Know the Tax Code!

We know what the IRS will accept; and what they will not. We understand how the IRS operates and what units of the IRS are handling your case and the most efficient way to deal with them; as well has the best path to take in obtaining a resolution for your issue.
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Delinquent Tax Returns

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Don't go it alone! Let Tax Attorneys, CPA's and representatives who know and understand the IRS handle your case.
Understanding the audit process is essential to knowing how to reply to the IRS in an audit and how to request an Appeal of your findings.
Every taxpayer's circumstances are different. We get some clients better results than others. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result, we have obtained great results for many people!

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What is filing compliance for the IRS?

Traditionally, filing compliance was the last six years returns (as of 1/2010- this will be the years 2003-2009). The IRS established this as a policy statement in 2006 although they do not publish this policy to the public. The IRS reserves the right, with proper internal approval, to waive the 6-year compliance policy (and they regularly do this when you want a tax abatement program such as an Offer in Compromise, penalty abatement and/or audit reconsideration).

This policy is established due to the inability to the IRS to detect/check your old income reporting items (i.e. IRP- Forms W-2, 1099, etc. filed under your SSN) past 6 years. It is also stated that when the IRS enables the IRP data to go past the last six years, compliance will be increased to the number of years that the IRS has data.

The IRS has recently uploaded the last 10 years of IRP data. The IRS has not changed the 6 year policy yet, but look for it. Now the IRS has the ability to measure your last 10 years of income via the IRP system. They are no longer limited by their internal, real-time limits.

If you have unfiled tax returns, you will need our unique professionals who have experience in preparing old year Tax Returns, in obtaining prior years IRP (wage and income information) and to be able to complete the returns to the satisfaction of the IRS (remember, now they will be able to review for accuracy).

Your local tax preparer is generally not the answer unless they keep old year Tax Return software and are able to meander through the IRS maze.
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