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We can arrange IRS Installment Agreement to resolve your tax debt issues. If you need a tax debt relief service or tax attorney representation to help you resolve any state or federal tax audit with the IRS.

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IRS Installment Agreement

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Installment Agreement

There are many types of payment plans or "installment agreements" to pay a tax liability. Depending on how much tax that is owed, this can be a viable option for resolution.

There are several types of installment agreements ("IA"):

  • The Full payment of tax agreements:
    • The IRS "Streamline" IA (similar to no-income verification loan). Do not be fooled- this is not as easy as the name implies.
    • The negotiated IA to full pay based on ability to pay (based on taxpayers monthly disposable income or "MDI").
  • There are many factors to this that need to be considered, including, but not limited to:
    • Will the IRS allow the actual expenses that are lived on or the allowable living expenses, per their definition?
    • Can the installment agreement be based on actual expenses (i.e. a conditional expense installment agreement)?
    • Can additional time be requested to adjust lifestyles to the IRS allowed expenses (i.e. the 12 month adjustment for an IA)?
    • What is allowed as an expense to the IRS? The IA is negotiated based on your ability to pay, how is this defined?
  • The Partial Pay IA- the payment arrangement that does not pay the tax liability in full before the CSED expires
    • This is much like receiving an OIC over the life of the collection statute of limitations or "CSED"
    • How are equity in taxpayer assets considered?

The payment plan or "installment agreement" option has a maze of options that need to be explored before attempting to negotiate with the IRS. It is recommended to consult a competent tax professional for all options and questions.